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3 different types of people that can get a Renmoney loan

A young, pleased tomato seller is at her stall counting the money she got via her Renmoney loan


What type of people can get a Renmoney loan? We’ve had people ask time and time again about their loan eligibility. Now it’s time to put the question to rest and we hope this article helps. 

It’s important to know if you fall into the list of people we give loans to before you apply for your loan. This helps you put your application into perspective so you’re not confused by a rejection. To prevent that, here are 3 categories of people who can apply for a loan with Renmoney. 

3 different types of people that can get a Renmoney loan

  1. Salary Earners

To access a personal loan, you need to have steady job employment where you earn a regular salary. This tells us if you can repay your loan conveniently and helps us calculate your debt-to-income DTI ratio. Your DTI in turn determines how high, or low, a loan we’ll be able to give you. 

  1. Self-Employed People

If you’re your own boss, you can access a loan conveniently with us. This goes for small business owners like Thrift Stores, Phone repair shops, online vendors and small unregistered businesses.  

  1. Business Owners

Owners of small and medium-scale enterprises who have a higher level of cash flow than self-employed people and are registered are good to apply for a business loan with us. Business owners can conveniently use our loans to finance their businesses and make a profit on goods and services to repay their loans when they’re due. 


If you fall into any of the categories listed above, you can apply for a quick loan of up to N6m to finance your personal and business. You even enjoy highly competitive interest rates, zero collaterals and zero need for guarantors.

Furthermore, our repayments are flexible with a time range ranging between 3 to 24 months so you have enough time to prepare before your loan is due.

You know the 3 types of people that can get a Renmoney loan now, so go ahead and apply for a loan of up to N6m today!

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