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Transfer Instruction Indemnity

To proceed with transactions above the limit of 1,000,000 you are required to indicate your understanding and agreement with the terms below

By clicking I AGREE, you hereby irrevocably undertake to indemnify Renmoney Microfinance Bank Limited (“Renmoney”, “Our”, “We”, “Us”), its directors, shareholders, agents, assigns, successors, employees, and representatives from and against any cost, losses, damages, liability, litigation, proceedings, awards of any kind emanating directly or indirectly from the following:
  • the Bank’s processing of any transaction initiated on your account via the Bank’s mobile or web applications;
  • the Bank’s acting on any instructions received from you via your registered e-mail, relating to your account, regardless of whether the instruction actually emanated from you or not.
Further to the above, you also undertake to:
  • keep all your account access details (including your username, password and transaction PIN) strictly confidential (i.e. not disclosing same to any third party);
  • to put appropriate security measures in place to ensure the protection of your e-mail, banking application (both web and mobile application) and the electronic devices used to ;
  • promptly notify the Bank of any changes to your personal data (including your registered e-mail, phone number, address etc.);
  • immediately notify the Bank in writing if you suspect that your account access details have been compromised;
  • comply with and instructions restrictions issued/placed by the Bank on your account or transactions on the Bank’s electronic platforms.
You AGREE that the Bank may decline to process any transaction on your account for any reason that it deems reasonable.
This Indemnity shall remain valid for as long as you maintain and account with the Bank, unless the Bank releases you from the obligation to indemnify it.